Dr. Vera Ivanova, Composer
Vera Ivanova,

'...internationally recognized as an emerging artist of great talent.'

Campus Times (University of Rochester/Eastman)


for Piano with optional electronics (2001)

Program Notes:
Escape was composed in 2001. It is based on a combination and mixture of special
techniques, such as playing inside the piano and on the keyboard simultaneously. One of
the main effects used throughout the piece is the glissando on the overtone series, which
is literally an “escape” from the music played on the keyboard, to an illusory “world of
harmony”, symbolized by a natural harmonics. The main feature of the piece is its
original sonorities, created by combination of elements of whole-tone and chromatic
scales and low notes, sustained with the pedal. The pedal has an important function in the
piece; it divides sections of the form into phrases and at the same time joins together
different harmonies to the whole sonority complex.

piano incl. extended techniques; optional electronics: PD patch, laptop, mixer, 2 loudspeakers, 2 microphones
c. 12 minutes, 25 seconds
December 10, 2003
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Escape (pg. 1-2)
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April 2nd, 2009
Escape, for Piano with optional electronics (2001)
The Graduate Center, CUNY (New York, NY)
First New York City Electroacoustic Music Festivalv
December 10th, 2003
Escape, for Piano with optional electronics (2001)
Kilbourn Hall, Eastman School of Music (Rochester, NY)
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