Dr. Vera Ivanova, Composer
Vera Ivanova,

'...internationally recognized as an emerging artist of great talent.'

Campus Times (University of Rochester/Eastman)

Panic. Melancholy

acousmatic (2001-02)

Premiered in 2003 at the Theremin Center for electro-acoustic music and multi-media (Moscow, Russia).

Program Notes:
Panic stands on the border between “serious” electro-acoustic music and its exaggeration.
It reflects the way of living in today’s metropolis with its rush hours, lack of time and
noise pollution, its everyday stress and loneliness. The result – panic.
The initial material of Panic is the filtered beginning of my Night Music for large
ensemble. The first two bars repeat throughout the piece, each time transformed through
different filters and plug-ins, disappearing in the end, leaving pulsating sine waves as a
shadow. The main sources of the piece are graphic patterns used as filters for the
Metasynth software, transforming graphic imagesinto sound objects and filters.
The title reflects the mood of the piece; it is a lyric composition based on the prerecorded voice of Judith Caplan (U.K., soprano). The voice samples were transformed in
different ways. Certain partials of words were extracted to create new spoken letters and
vowels, as well as rich textures (or “fields’) of voices.
The two sung notes, E and D-sharp, are repeated throughout the piece. These are the
“central interval” of Melancholy (the Major seventh), unstable by itself, but not
dissonant. The interchange of these two notes creates a balancing effect, associated with a
children’s “seesaw.”

fixed media
11 minutes, 14 seconds
April 13, 2003
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Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan
6th International Festival of Contemporary Music, Europe Asia 2004
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Panic. Melancholy, acousmatic (2001-02)
Burke Recital Hall, Denison University (Granville, OH)
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April 18th, 2003
Panic. Melancholy, acousmatic (2001-02)
Total Koleychuk’s Theatre (Moscow, Russia)
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Panic. Melancholy, acousmatic (2001-02)
Uralskaya State Conservatory (Moscow, Russia)
International Festival of electro-acoustic music and multimedia Altermedium 3.0: invisible cities
April 13th, 2003
Panic. Melancholy, acousmatic (2001-02)
Theremin Center for electro-acoustic music and multi-media (Moscow, Russia)