Dr. Vera Ivanova, Composer
Vera Ivanova,

'...internationally recognized as an emerging artist of great talent.'

Campus Times (University of Rochester/Eastman)

Night Music

for fourteen players (2001)

Night Music was premiered in 2001 at the Kilbourn Hall of the Eastman School of Music by OSSIA New Music, conducted by Jairo Duarte-Lopez.

Program Notes:
Night Music is a piece for sinfonietta ensemble, inspired by the mysteriously increasing moon, which gradually reveals the hidden life of creatures, objects and events that cannot be seen in daylight. Sections of the piece can be compared with phases of the arriving moon, starting at a new moon with its darkness, and turning into a full moon with its brightness. Several sections of the piece simultaneously combine aleatoric elements for one group of instruments with written-out music for another group. Solo chimes interrupt the music, and are associated in the composer’s mind with the sudden strike of a clock in the middle of the night, scaring out the night creatures. Arriving at a full moon is realized in the piece through the closing culmination, employing two tritones as a basis for the final chord. Have a Good Night Music!

fl. dbl. picc., ob., B-fl. cl. dbl. Bass, bsn. dbl. cbsn., hrn., tpt., trn., perc., harp, 2 vln., vla., vc., cb.
c. 6 minutes and 30 seconds
December 3, 2003
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Night Music (pg. 1-4)
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June 15th, 2006
Night Music, for fourteen players (2001) - North/South Consonance Ensemble
Christ & St. Steven's Church (New York, NY)
December 3rd, 2003
Night Music, for fourteen players (2001)
Kilbourn Hall, Eastman School of Music (Rochester, NY)