Dr. Vera Ivanova, Composer
Vera Ivanova,

'...internationally recognized as an emerging artist of great talent.'

Campus Times (University of Rochester/Eastman)

Winter Music

for Seventeen Players (2005)

Premiered at the Kilbourn Hall of the Eastman School of Music by the Composers’ Sinfonietta.

Program Notes:
This piece was inspired by the only haiku known by Kajiwara Hashin (1864-?), quite
famous outside Japan, but not well known in his home country. The full haiku in English
translation is quoted below:
No sky, no earth - but still, snowflakes fall

fl. dbl. picc., ob., B-fl. cl., bsn., hrn., tpt., tbn., 2 perc., harp, 2 vln., vla., vc., cb.
c. 5 minutes, 40 seconds
February 9, 2005
Score Sample
Winter Music (pg. 17-19)
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February 9th, 2005
Winter Music, for Seventeen Players (2005)
Kilbourn Hall, Eastman School of Music (Rochester, NY)
Composers Sinfonietta